Root Canals Treatment in Sun City, AZ

A root canal isn’t something to panic about. Typically, root canals are no worse than fillings. Popular culture has unfortunately made root canals out to be worse than they truly are. In fact, root canal treatment is much less painful compared to the excruciating toothache you’re experiencing!

Once you’ve undergone root canal treatment, you may find that it significantly alleviates and even eliminates your toothache!

Common Questions About Root Canals

Why root canal treatment?

A root canal is used to treat a tooth infection. There are several parts of a tooth: enamel, dentin, and pulp. Your pulp is made up of soft tissues that house your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. When your tooth decays, sometimes the decay reaches the pulp. Once this happens, the pulp becomes infected. Your infection is the source of your toothache. Sensitive nerves reside in the pulp and give way to tooth pain when infected. Root canals can also treat an abscessed tooth.

To remove the infection, your dentist will need to perform root canal treatment. Don’t worry! This treatment is virtually painless. With general anesthetic and sedation dentistry options, you shouldn’t feel a thing.

How does a root canal work?

At Wildflower Dental, our compassionate dentist, Dr. Cho, will carefully remove the infected pulp from your teeth. Once the infection is removed, Dr. Cho and our skilled staff will clean your root canals, sterilizing them of lingering bacteria.

Next, we will fill the tooth with sealant to protect it from further decay or damage. Finally, a customized porcelain crown will be placed over the affected tooth. This fortifies and strengthens your tooth, shielding it from harmful bacteria.

Depending on your specific treatment, a root canal can take anywhere from one appointment to several appointments. Dr. Cho will consult with you to work around your schedule to determine how to best treat your toothache. During your root canal, we want to make sure you feel comfortable. As a result, we offer several patient amenities to help your treatment go smoothly.

If you have harrowing tooth pain, call our Sun City, AZ office today. With advanced endodontics, we can help relieve your toothache. If you need a root canal, our caring dentist, Dr. Cho, will make sure you feel relaxed throughout your procedure.

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