Restorative Dentistry in Sun City, AZ

Missing teeth and/or broken teeth can be a burden on your everyday life. They can negatively impact your social life, making you feel self-conscious and embarrassed about your smile. You may hide your mouth behind your hand when you talk, eat, or laugh because you are worried that people will notice the gap in your smile. Visit our restorative dentist in Sun City to fix your broken tooth. Also serving Peoria and Glendale, AZ.

Missing teeth can also hurt your oral health. When you’re missing teeth, it forces your intact teeth to double their efforts in chewing and breaking down food. This causes wear and tear on your teeth. Too much wear and tear could lead to potential tooth decay.

Why Would I Need Restorative Dentistry?

Some symptoms that would necessitate restorations include:

  • Missing one or more teeth.
  • A broken tooth or broken teeth.
  • A cracked tooth or fractured teeth.
  • A chipped tooth or damaged teeth.
  • Tooth infections or dental abscesses.

Restorative Dentistry Services In Sun City, Az

Fortunately, we offer several options to restore your teeth. At Wildflower Dental, we strive to give you excellent restorative dentistry services that leave you with a full, functional smile. Some of our tooth repair services include:

  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are designed to function like real teeth. They include both a synthetic tooth root and an artificial crown made from porcelain. Dental implants will effectively fill in the gaps in your smile while promoting good jaw health. Tooth roots strengthen the jaw. Thus, with a titanium tooth root replacement, your jaw will become more fortified. This could also correct your bite. Contact us today if you have questions about our dental implants in Sun City, AZ.
  • Porcelain Crowns: At Wildflower Dental, we strive to match your porcelain crown to your natural smile. The tooth crown will be colored and shaped to fit in with the rest of your teeth, so there shouldn’t be any apparent dental work. Porcelain crowns are used in several dental procedures, including root canals or dental implants. Also known as “tooth caps,” porcelain crowns can cover a cracked tooth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Traditional dentures are prone to slipping and sliding in your mouth. With implant-supported dentures, you won’t have to worry about your teeth accidentally falling out. The implants anchor your dentures in place so that they’re secure. With implant-supported dentures, you can have two full rows of beautiful pearly whites.
  • Dental Bridges: Bridges are traditionally used to restore a row of multiple missing teeth. Sometimes, bridges can be used for a single tooth. The bridge is held into place by your surrounding teeth. With a bridge, you can smile confidently again.
  • Tooth Inlays/Onlays: Dental inlays and onlays for teeth can be used to restore a broken tooth. If your tooth has too much extensive damage from cavities, a tooth inlay or onlay will be used to fill it.
  • Root Canals: A root canal procedure is designed to clear out any infected material in the tooth root, allowing you to smile painlessly once again.

Don’t let missing teeth or broken teeth affect your life anymore. Come to our Sun City AZ, dental office to start restoring your smile. At Wildflower Dental, we want to help you feel good about your smile. Call our office (623) 400-2117 to learn more about restorative dentistry options.