Gum Recession Treatment in Sun City, AZ

Receding gums can cause serious damage to your teeth. As they recede higher and higher, they can expose your sensitive teeth roots to harmful bacterias and infection. Receding gums can also make you lose confidence. They make your teeth appear long and lengthy, which can be disconcerting to some people. We provide gum recession treatment in Sun City using pinhole surgical technique for great results. Also serving Peoria and Glendale, AZ.

Common Questions About Gum Recession Treatment

How to fix receding gums?

If you’ve ever wondered how to fix receding gums, we have an answer for you at Wildflower Dental! We can help you smile freely again with a leading-edge technological dental advancement for receding gums treatment.

What is the pinhole technique?

At our Sun City AZ office, we use the innovative “pinhole surgical technique” (PST) to return receding gums to their original state. PST is considered to be one of the most non-invasive ways to treat receding gums because it eliminates the need for scalpels, grafts, and sutures!

In traditional receding gums treatments, patients would have to wait several weeks before they could see results.

PST corrects gum recession without surgical incisions or stitches. At Wildflower Dental, we use a specialized dental instrument that helps make your gums more flexible and malleable. This makes it easier for your dentist to pull your gums back down into place. Once your gums are free, we coax them down to a more appropriate position. Then, we place some collagen inserts in your gums to give them added support and strength. That’s it! PST is truly a simple procedure!

With PST, there is virtually little to no pain or discomfort. The healing process typically lasts just one night. Compared to traditional gums recession treatment, PST is a much faster and more efficient way to repair receding gums. PST will give you a fully functional and attractive smile in no time!

Let us help you reclaim your health and confidence again with this groundbreaking gums recession treatment. Call Wildflower Dental today to learn more about PST. Contact us to schedule an appointment! We look forward to helping you achieve a gorgeous grin!