Restore Bone Tissue for Better Dental Implant Support and Improved Esthetics

Advanced periodontal disease or tooth loss can cause your jawbone to degenerate. Bone loss affects your facial esthetics and reduces your eligibility for dental implants. Bone grafting services in Sun City, Arizona, can rebuild your jawbone to improve your appearance and provide a better foundation for implants. If you want to learn how bone grafting can improve your dental health, please talk to Dr. Jae Cho at Wildflower Dental.

Who needs bone grafting?

Bone grafting isn’t for everyone — it’s ideal for patients with bone loss. Bone loss can happen for many reasons. Tooth loss denies your jawbone the much-needed stimulation. Like any tissue, when your jawbone isn’t engaged, it “wastes away,” reducing its volume and density. Furthermore, wearing dentures for many years can cause bone loss. Also, untreated, periodontal disease can damage your teeth-supporting bone.

One of the critical factors for a successful dental implant is a healthy bone. So, if you have bone loss, we recommend bone grafting to increase your implant success rate.

What to expect during bone grafting

Dental grafting involves a surgical procedure to add bone to the area with bone loss. Your bone graft can come from your own body (autograft), animal sources (xenograft), human donors (allograft), or synthetic materials (alloplastic). Your dentist or oral surgeon will recommend the best dental graft based on your oral health and budget. 

Bone grafting is an outpatient procedure that takes about one to two hours to complete. Before the treatment, your oral surgeon administers local anesthesia to maximize your comfort. However, patients with extreme dental anxiety can talk to their dentist about sedation dentistry.

Once comfortable, your graft will be stitched on the area with bone loss and left to heal. After the procedure, your oral surgeon will give post-care instructions to hasten recovery. This care involves home remedies, pain medication, diet, and oral hygiene to minimize discomfort and promote healing.

During healing, your jawbone develops new bone cells around the graft. This process adds volume and density to your bone, providing a solid foundation for a dental implant. 

Bone grafting services near me

Been told you can’t restore your smile with dental implants because of bone loss? 

Call (623) 400-2117 to find out if bone grafting is right for you. Dr. Jae Cho and the team look forward to giving you exceptional dental care.