Understanding Dental Extractions: Why They Are Necessary and the Procedure

Natural teeth are meant to last for life, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Injuries, decay, and gum disease may damage your teeth beyond restoration, leaving extraction the only option. Extractions are the last thing you want, but they are necessary if your tooth compromises the surrounding tissues or causes oral pain.

Wildflower Dental in Sun City, Arizona, offers gentle dental extractions to eliminate pain and promote healthier smiles. We understand tooth removal can be scary, but Dr. Jae Cho and the team provide exceptional care to optimize your comfort for a pleasant dental experience. 

Why should my tooth be removed?

We only recommend dental extractions after exhausting all treatment options. Your tooth may need extraction due to:

  • Extensive decay or damage
  • Tooth impaction
  • Failed root canal
  • If it causes overcrowding
  • To optimize your orthodontic treatment

What to expect during dental extraction

A dental extraction involves removing your tooth from its socket using special tools and techniques. If your tooth has erupted through the gum line, a simple extraction is sufficient to pull out the tooth. 

Sometimes, you may require surgical extraction if you have impacted wisdom teeth or teeth broken at the gum line level. In such instances, we will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon to restore your healthy smile.

Benefits of tooth extraction

Nobody likes dental extractions, but they are necessary when restorative treatments fall short. Some benefits of tooth extractions include:

  • Pain relief
  • Prevent the tooth infection from spreading to nearby structures
  • Simple and painless
  • Prevents overcrowding
  • Quick recovery time

An infected tooth can be extremely painful. Unfortunately, this situation won’t get better unless it’s treated. If a root canal can’t save your tooth, please call (623) 400-2117 for dental extraction. 

After you recover, there will be no more infection or pain. Plus, you don’t have to live with a gap — we have tooth replacement options to complete your smile.