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Patient Testimonials

“Hi my name is Justin. I live in Peoria Arizona I’ve been coming here for like three or three and a half years and above the place. Whenever you come to Wildflower Dental, you’ll walk in and you’ll be greeted by somebody with a warm pleasant smile and warm greeting. They’ll ask you to sign in then they get you seated in the waiting room. And the nice thing is they’ll get you back in the back as quick as they can and get you taken care of and get you on your way. Ever since I’ve been coming here, Dr. Joe’s been great. I loved working with him. His integrity and the way he runs his practice he’s just spot-on as far as I’m concerned. My wife had a procedure here probably a month or so ago and it was a fairly invasive procedure. She was able to reach out to Dr. Cho on a weekend even. It was like a Friday night whenever we called and he was able to get her through the issues she was having. So that kind of service you know speaks for itself. I would recommend wildflower dental based on their courteous service. Everything that I’ve ever experienced here has been spot on and the kind of place that you want to go to and you want to have your family go to.”

“Hi I’m Susan Dunham. I am a nurse and I’ve lived in Arizona for the last ten years and I’ve been coming to Wildflower Dental to see Dr. Joe for the last year and a half. I was looking for a dentist that could crown my teeth. After having braces, I needed them to be crowned and I was looking for somebody close to where I lived. I live in Sun City. I wanted that dentist to be a little bit more kind and because I had a fear of dentists, I wanted somebody who was a little more gentle. So, I chose Dr. Joe. My jaw was locking, and I had TMJ, pretty severe TMJ, pain, and difficulty falling asleep at night because of the pain. The teeth were also very they were very thin, and they were starting to crack and break. I came to see Dr. Cho and he looked at my mouth and discussed with me what my options were. I wanted straight white teeth. That was always on my bucket list and I said this is a great opportunity to do that. So, we went ahead and crowned all the teeth in stages. Since I’ve completed that and I don’t want to say it was grueling, but I have a fear of the dentist, so he made it a much more pleasant experience for me. Thank you, Dr. Cho. Since we’ve done, that it changed my entire bite, which was what I needed to do and I didn’t know it at the time. It’s completely eradicated the TMJ. I have no more clicking and no more locking of my jaw. Things are straight. They line up. I feel better. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get. Seriously, from people when I just walk in a room it seems that that’s what they’re attracted to is those teeth, that smile. So, it’s really helped me a lot with self-confidence and how I look at other people too and it’s healthy. I know that my mouth is healthy. I would highly recommend Dr. Cho and this office and this practice to anybody. In fact, I have. I’ve sent a couple of my friends here. I would say if you’re looking for a good smile and perfect teeth and pain-free, it really was pretty pain-free, this is the place to come, definitely.”

“Before I came to Dr. Cho, I had spent a long time hiding my smile because I just I was so terribly unhappy with the way it looked and I think for me I think it presented me in the past in a way that truly wasn’t me you know. I couldn’t express all the joy I felt and all of the laughter that I had inside because I was just so self-conscious of how I looked. When you can look at yourself in the light of I guess self-acceptance and appreciation, then it changes what you show the world, and the world changes with you. And for me, coming here was the best thing I ever did to begin the process of learning to appreciate and like who I am now. And I owe you know Dr. Cho and this office you know. I came in that first day crying because I was so unhappy with myself and I cry now because it’s just tears of joy at what I see I’m gaining in my life now by being who I really am. I would have no problem recommending this office to anyone that may be looking for somebody that is the utmost professional, but also has the commander compassion and the kindness to go along with the pain that you may be in the process of going through.”

“My name is Ralph and I’ve been coming here to the dentistry for about two years now and I retired back when I turned 62 and I’m 67 and I love retirement. The reason I came here is because I moved to Sun City about two years ago. I had been having dental problems, but you know as you grow old your teeth start decaying on you. I went for the implants and I’m very pleased. In the past I really didn’t smile as much as I do now. I am a very happy person. I like to talk to people and of course the smile comes out and if you know that if you don’t have good teeth, well you don’t smile as much. I do like to talk to people and of course smile. I can tell you that Dr. Jay and his team are fantastic. When they worked on me, I couldn’t believe how nice it was. I mean there was no pain, and I was very impressed with the doctor. I think he started on me somewhere about two o’clock in the afternoon and I believe he finished up on me somewhere about midnight. He says how are you getting home. I said, I think I’ll call Uber or somebody I know. I didn’t drive because I didn’t know what to expect and the doctor said to me, he said, no. He said I’m taking you home. And that just totally blew me away. He treats you like a good person, like a friend. There are people that I haven’t seen in years and they look at me and they go Ralph you lose weight or something? You look different. Well, I snapped my teeth at them, and I said I got the new teeth. New implants. And I said I love them. When you live in Sun City you do have a particular website you go to where the people in Sun City ask for recommendations for handyman, doctors and dentists and if somebody asks for a dentist, I always get online for him and post doctor Joe and his team. I’ve had many times people reply back thank you for the information. In fact, I was so pleased with Dr. Cho that when my son needed some dental work, and he went to different dentists and stuff, I recommended Dr. Cho to him. I said I’ll tell you Ralphy, that’s my son, if you go to him, I’m willing to pay for that. Oh my gosh, it turned out fantastic. He went back to work, and everybody looked and they say his smile looks fantastic. He loves him. It was a good birthday prison for him.”

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