CEREC Same Day Crowns in Sun City, AZ

CEREC same day dental crowns patient in Sun CityDamaged teeth can cause a hit to your self-confidence, as well as your quality of life. When you have a broken tooth, you want it to get repaired as soon as possible. Now, at Wildflower Dental, we can help you do that by providing same-day dental crowns thanks to our CEREC technology! 

What Is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics—which means this machine makes getting a tooth crown faster, simpler, and all-around easier than ever before.

A CEREC machine is a revolutionary dental machine that has significantly shortened the timeline of getting a dental crown. Having a broken or damaged tooth can be painful, stressful, and even lead to further damage if not treated by a dentist. 

You can skip the annoyance of multiple dentist appointments, and the discomfort of temporary crowns when we utilize our CEREC machine.  

What Are the Benefits of CEREC Crowns?

Replacing missing teeth and repairing damaged teeth always benefits your oral health. Restoring those teeth with CEREC comes with more additional benefits to both your smile and your life.

Save time and get back to your life sooner. If you are missing a tooth, getting it replaced should be a priority. Unfortunately, placing traditional dental crowns often takes multiple visits over multiple weeks while you’re left with just a temporary repair in the meantime. 

Visiting a dentist with a CEREC machine, like our office at Wildflower Dental, is a time-saving choice. It takes a CEREC machine only twenty minutes to create your new tooth, saving you time and stress!

Restore your beautiful smile with natural-looking crowns. Tooth crowns created with a CEREC machine are made with a beautiful ceramic material that looks just like your original teeth, but without any of the damage, your natural teeth may have sustained. 

The digital design process creates a tooth replacement that is unique to you and perfectly blends in with your smile.

What Is the CEREC procedure?

The CEREC machine uses 3D-imaging computer-aided design/machine (CAD/CAM) software to scan and then replicate your teeth. Your dentist will first take multiple digital x-rays and photographs of your mouth. CEREC technology can then use that information to design a model of your new tooth. 

The CEREC machine creates your new tooth by carving it out of a small ceramic block that is color-matched to blend in with the rest of your teeth. In as little as twenty minutes, your dentist can have your personalized tooth crown made. 

Then we’ll move forward with the rest of the procedure of cleaning and evening out the edges of your damaged tooth and permanently bonding the new crown on top. 

CEREC vs. Traditional Crowns

CEREC same day crowns patient in Glendale, AZUsing dental crowns as a replacement or covering for damaged teeth has been around for a long time, but CEREC crowns are changing the game. 

Traditional Crowns

Getting a traditional crown means two trips to see your dentist. On the first visit, they will take scans of your tooth, prepare your tooth to be covered, then attach a temporary tooth crown. 

The scans are then sent to a dental lab so the permanent tooth crown can be made. Depending on how close the lab is to the dental office and how busy that lab is, the process can take up to two weeks to get your crown crafted. 

Then, once the permanent crown has been made and sent back to the dental office, you have to return to the dentist to have your permanent crown fitted in your mouth. 

CEREC Crowns

CEREC crowns are more efficient and are the most advanced crowns of the two. Instead of needing multiple visits spaced out by about two or so weeks to receive a traditional crown, a CEREC crown procedure usually takes only about two hours from start to finish. That’s all in one appointment! 

CEREC crowns additionally are made out of a single piece of ceramic, resulting in a natural look and feel to your new tooth. This also produces minimal waste from your crown being crafted.

When you receive a CEREC crown, you have a natural-looking tooth replacement in a single appointment, so you can get back to your life with a fully functioning smile again!

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