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Peoria AZ dentist patient of Dr. Cho at Wildflower DentalQuality dental care makes an enormous difference to your overall health and well-being. Regular dental checkups can prevent costly future oral health problems, and it is always a good idea to have a Peoria dentist you can trust for any unexpected emergencies. 

You deserve comfort in the dental care that you receive, from annual cleanings to oral surgery. Wildflower Dental provides quality, compassionate care from an expert team to all of our patients in Peoria, Arizona. 

Visiting the dentist can be a huge source of anxiety for some people, but at Wildflower Dental you have nothing to worry about! Dr. Jae Cho, DMD, Dr. Kevin A. Guzman, DMD, and Dr. Jenneth Powell, DMD, are all very skilled in their fields with many years of experience. Our overall focus on high standards across the board results in patient focused care that you can trust. Our patients are empowered to ask questions about their oral health, and they are able to get the treatment they need from our expert staff

Wildflower Dental is your one stop shop dentist in Peoria, Arizona. We provide our patients with a wide variety of care options, from annual cleaning and checkups, to oral surgery and emergency dental care. We’ve got you covered, from the small things to the big ones. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way on your journey to a beautiful, healthy smile!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a common and popular procedure to replace missing teeth. Usually best for replacing single teeth, dental implants look beautiful and they will feel almost exactly like your natural teeth. 

Implants and natural teeth have a similar structure. Like a natural tooth, dental implants have both a tooth root and a tooth crown for a sturdier support than any other restorative option. These natural looking tooth replacements are easy to care for, and can last a lifetime, just like your natural teeth. 

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Restorative Dentistry

Missing or damaged teeth can be embarrassing, and left untreated they can create further problems for your other teeth. At Wildflower Dental, we provide several options to replace or repair your damaged or missing teeth including dental implants, porcelain crowns, implant-supported dentures, dental bridges, and tooth inlays and onlays. 

Different reasons for dental damage can require different approaches in restorative treatment. Our team can identify which treatment option is right for your unique situation, and we’ll get started on your beautiful smile today.  

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Root Canals

Cosmetic dentistry patient of Peoria cosmetic dentistWhen the pulpy nerves in your tooth become infected, you need to visit a dentist. An infected tooth causes pain and discomfort, and resolving it usually requires a root canal. Contrary to popular opinion, a root canal is not painful—it actually relieves pain caused by your tooth infection. The procedure should not feel any worse than any other routine dental procedure. 

Patients undergoing a root canal procedure will get anesthesia that minimizes the pain, so you have nothing to worry about. Getting a root canal will save your natural tooth structure and alleviate the pain you were experiencing from your infected tooth root.

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Implant-Supported Dentures

One of our most popular methods for replacing multiple missing teeth is implant-supported dentures. You may be familiar with the general concept of dentures, but implant-supported dentures are a modern approach to an old tooth replacement method. Instead of being balanced around the gums, these dentures are supported by implants in your jaw.

You can enjoy replacement teeth that look and feel natural in your mouth while preventing further shrinkage in your jawbone. After you undergo the procedure, you can return to enjoying your favorite foods and caring for your new teeth just like you do your natural ones.
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