Too Real? A Trend in Implants!

Dental implants like those available at Wildflower Dental in Sun City AZ may sound too good to be true, but they aren’t: replacement teeth so realistic, they look and function like natural teeth.

The trouble is, they may look at little too real! Implant-supported artificial teeth have always been sculpted for maximum symmetry. For some people, they’re a little too lifelike – so much so that they look fake, and  draw attention to themselves.

This has led to a growing trend in dental implants. It hasn’t fully taken hold and may be a wave of the future: perfectly imperfect artificial teeth.

Modern imaging technology enable designers to create artificial teeth based on the teeth of the patient. The color, size, and placement of the artificial teeth are considered, as well as the patient’s facial structure and even skin tone. They can be crafted with color gradations and minor imperfections that match remaining teeth, to blend in more seamlessly with a smile.

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