Snap-In Dentures Improve Your Smile!

If you wear conventional dentures, you may want to read this blog post. Snap-in dentures from Wildflower Dental in Sun City AZ can boost your biting and chewing power, and are more stable.

One of the biggest issues with conventional dentures is their tendency to slip out of place, usually at the most inconvenient time possible. Snap-in dentures won’t do that. They literally snap into your mouth, and are held in place by dental implants that are a part of your jaw.

Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically placed into your jaw, where they fuse with the bone. Most implants are made of titanium, which is well-suited to fusing with bone. Once that occurs they are a part of you, and able to support the snap-in dentures.

The benefits of snap-in dentures include:

  • A better fit than conventional dentures
  • More comfortable
  • Less likely to become loose
  • Improved speaking and chewing ability

On top of all this, most patients consider their snap-in dentures to be more natural in appearance than standard dentures.

Millions of Americans are already enjoying the benefits of dental implants. Snap-in dentures from Wildflower Dental in Sun City AZ, are a huge improvement over conventional dentures. We’ve placed snap-in and All-on-4 dentures in people from Peoria, Surprise, and Sun City West, who appreciate our all-inclusive pricing, lifetime warranty, free second opinions, and in-office discount plan. Please call our office to schedule an appointment today!

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