Dental Implants: Are You A Candidate?

At Wildflower Dental in Sun City AZ, dental implants can grant our patients the confidence of a restored smile. If you have missing or failing teeth, or if you’ve given up on ever seeing your smile restored to its original vitality, we can help!

With all the different types of dental implant procedures, as well as the diverse dental problems you might encounter throughout your life, it can be normal to wonder what services you are and aren’t eligible for. In order to make your choice an easier one, our team has put together a list of eligibility requirements for a dental implant.

Use these to find out whether a dental implant is the right solution for you!

Am I A Candidate For Dental Implants?

  • Gum disease: If you suffer from gum disease, you are likely to suffer from bone and tooth loss eventually. Look for blood in the sink and feel for loose teeth. Dental implants can help with both of these!
  • Injury: If you’re involved in contact sports, or maybe just took a fall and knocked a tooth loose, dental implants could help mitigate the damage. In the case of a lost tooth, we can provide a lifelike replacement that will go unnoticed by coworkers and friends.
  • Bone loss: If you have missing teeth, you are more likely to be suffering from bone loss and bone recession. A dental implant can help.
  • Prior dental work: If you need to replace old dental bridges or stabilize dentures, implants are the choice for you.
  • Smoking: If you’re a smoker, you are at high-risk for many health issues, not the least of which is tooth loss. Consider cutting back or quitting, and contact us immediately to talk about dental implants. They might help prevent further damage to your gums and teeth.

While the requirements we have listed are generalized guidelines, every case is different. At Wildflower Dental in Sun City AZ, we employ patient-centered care in order to design a dental plan that is unique and specifically tailored to your needs. Satisfied patients come to us from Peoria, Surprise, and Sun City West for dental implants and other restorative dentistry options. Request an appointment today!

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