Dental Implants and the Case Against Floss

Implant-supported teeth look and function like natural teeth, and countless of our patients at Wildflower Dental in Sun City AZ are enjoying the benefits of these dental marvels. Implants also need to be cared for much like natural teeth, which is the subject of this blog post.

Since implant-supported teeth are a permanent fixture in the mouth, they accumulate plaque. They can be difficult to clean, like natural teeth. As beneficial as dental floss can be, studies have shown that for cleaning in between an implant and its neighbor, interproximal brushes do a better job than floss.

Dental floss tends to shred, especially around implants. In one study, all ten subjects using floss had floss remnants around the base of the implant.

Using interproximal brushes instead of floss greatly increases the chance of the implant’s success. If you do not thoroughly clean implant-supported teeth, you run the risk of developing gingivitis, which is early-stage gum disease.

Interproximal brushes are a formal name to a dental tool you can find in any grocery store. They are thin brushes, usually made of plastic or wire, that are heavily textured – usually by tiny bristles, or a soft but rough surface.

They are similar to toothpicks. We must stress, however, that toothpicks should never be used to clean in between dental implants, or natural teeth for that matter.

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